I’m Not Finished Here

Ever notice the sound of paper
Being torn in two,
Scar going deeper
Till it’s all the way through?

It cries a monotonous wail
Till before the end,
Then a quick scream
That doesn’t make an amend.

Is this then, the end?

I’m not finished here
Cuz I’m not done with you.
A single sheet was easy to tear
But now you’ve got two.

Yes, I’m not finished here.
Inside this torn body is a fire, you see…
And it’s not done with you
And it’s not done with me.



In this… or the next

Hark the marching puppets
Of a supreme nation
Onto a battle not their own
It is their submission.

Longing goodbyes they share
Cherished memories to keep
Goodbye ma, goodbye pa
Puddles of tears they skip

A surrender to supremacy,
They leave love behind.
To lay lives for glory
Of us or foes, but first their minds.

Alas! The time’s come.
There’s homes and bodies to burn
So there they go
For there they go
And On they go…

Never to ever return.

Soldier crying

“I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” ~ George S. McGovern

-9th Feb, 2016

Drops on feather


It’s windy outside,
The sun’s off to hide.
It’ll be cold tonight,
So pick up your stride.

It’s breezy, the weather
My possession: a feather.
From a place yonder
An angel’s? I wonder.

Calmly arises the apathy,
So strong and so mighty.
The tingle of anxiety,
But precedes serenity.

Here’s the flag of surrender,
Of one true great defender.
To a place so tender:
My heart, or its remainder.

But weather won’t abide
Come high or low tide.
Predictions aside,
Come run and hide.
Come, Run out of your hide

-10th August, 2015

A Thought

Why are you doing this…
What will you get out of it…
Will you be doing this for ever…
Is it good and beneficial…
All this while, did you think of yourself…
Why… why not…
You will not be like this for long…
Friends won’t be with you forever…
You will likely achieve success…
So will you achieve enemies…
Could be that friends won’t be friends…
And soon…

You will be an enemy of yourself.


When you want to shout at people,
Because you’re hurting and they’re not.
When they’re in the party
And you’re far from it.
When they can’t stop their laughter
And you can’t stop your tears.

When they’re afraid of sharp things
Yet carry their tongues in their mouth.

When they can’t keep blades out of reach
And neither can you.
When you take everyone’s blame on yourself,
And not fix a thing for anyone.
Let your eyes speak and ease the pain.
“Survive”, they say, “Lights will guide you home.”

It’s Here

Don’t be mad at me,
Tell me why you hate me.
What is it that you want from me,
Do I have to say that I am sorry?
Give me a reason,
To Live, To Breathe, To Cherish
Every moment and Enjoy it.
To sing the songs I love the most,
The ones that describe me the best,
Where is the Life and the Love
That doesn’t put me at Test.
To catch a butterfly and feel Happy,
To let it go, and be Happy.
The place of joy we all search for,
Is here.



For in the shallow water we tread now,
Not knowing what the future holds
A step wrong is a beat lost,
Will we be a single soul tomorrow?

If yes is what it is to say,
Then let my words take your heart away..
If we be one forever in the pleasant future…
Was the water ever shallow?