I am Abhinav. A 20 year old, writing since he was 15. I’ve started this blog as a way to prove to myself that my writing is worth something and not getting published in the college magazine is not the end of the world. Apart from that, I aspire to become a better writer and will value inputs provided by those who read my blog. Feel free to share the works. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section. Do let me know if you identified with any of my works.

When they open the door of my life, they’ll not believe what they see. A river will flow through the opening in the wall and wash them over to the thoughts and wonders of this beautiful mind. It’ll sweep them off their feet and carry them through plains and valleys and creeks and caverns until finally releasing them from their prejudices like an oasis to a lost traveler in the desert. The ones who stand a rock in the path of that flow shall stand there, alright…. Until bit by bit, in the tiniest of pieces they weather into sand becoming the silt that will aid the growth of a better world. And yet, what washed over them was only a river.

They’ll not have met the ocean…

Our Ends are Beginnings

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