Do you know?

Do you know,
how valuable you are
to me?
When words feel undervalued
to describe you.
Your path is my guide
Yet, I’m close enough to catch
if you fall.
Its not that i see you
but everyday, you look for me
Through aisles and valleys
Shadows and alleys.
Your value is beyond measure.
No sinking feeling ever lasts
For when you smile,
I smile,
And that’s all I remember.



What would Dear?

So you wonder why I asked
The tenth time today
If this day were my last
What would dear, you say?

Walk now, by my right hand
Hold it if you wish
If tomorrow I weren’t around
What would dear, you miss?

Here’s the stream we sat by
Skipped pebbles ducks and drakes
If tomorrow we don’t meet here
Would you dear, not break?

Don’t worry it’s but a question
You know I’d never go
It’s fun to sometimes ponder
And sometimes (we must) plan a tomorrow!

You belong to me

You can catch a train
To the highlands of spain
Fly a chartered plane
through the amazon rain

You can buy high heels from the mall
run the great wall
See Mona Lisa in Louvre’s hall
Watch a sunset over Niagra fall

You can walk to the North pole
three times over
Cross the Sahara desert
with a Land Rover

You can upturn Aquarius’ jar
create the third world war
lead Apollo Misson to Mars
Eat all my favourite Snickers bars

You can enjoy all you want
Boast of your terrific aunt
Sing aloud the religious chants
Grow a garden of Asparagus plants

You can fly to Japan on a one way trip
Enjoy the Caribbean sea breeze
Live Vegas’ eve of New Year
Just tell me your stories dear
And I’ll know its true when you say
You belong to me…

You belong to me.


Forget what you’re told
the world isn’t all sunshine,
the world isn’t all rainbows,
It’s bitter, it’s cold.

Many an old eyes carry a thirst
of a day of glory,
of a day of victory.
They burn with blood-lust.

Look as you pass them.
Their overflowing bank accounts,
their countless hounds,
to them, it’s just a game.

The want of power,
is a desperate desire.
Flowers that shall blossom tomorrow
are but… a satire.

Everywhere you’ll see terror.
It’s been placed there,
by the ones above you, burn it!
Burn it for the wayfarer.

Remember, remember,
they control your day,
they control your body,
But your thoughts, they can’t dismember.

Burn them! Though…
They’re not against you
They are for themselves.
You… are not for you
You are… for them.

So when they speak of a light,
that night that shone.
They’ll fear the power of one man.
It was… your Vendetta
Yours… and Yours alone!

The Lingering

The rustle in the trees
The whistling of the breeze
Have you ever wondered
If that were me?

The silence of the night
Your shiver from the fright
Have you ever wondered
If this were me?

The echoes that you feel
That sound at your heels
Have you ever wondered
If it were me?

I’m the wind that blows
That butterfly on your nose
The calm as you repose
A hard day come to close

I’m the sun in the evening
The dreams you’re dreaming
Songs your tongue is singing
The sadness you’re feeling

I’m there… everywhere
The star in the sky
The tear in your eye
Cry for me..

I’ll be there, watching you.
Your love will set me free…