You belong to me

You can catch a train
To the highlands of spain
Fly a chartered plane
through the amazon rain

You can buy high heels from the mall
run the great wall
See Mona Lisa in Louvre’s hall
Watch a sunset over Niagra fall

You can walk to the North pole
three times over
Cross the Sahara desert
with a Land Rover

You can upturn Aquarius’ jar
create the third world war
lead Apollo Misson to Mars
Eat all my favourite Snickers bars

You can enjoy all you want
Boast of your terrific aunt
Sing aloud the religious chants
Grow a garden of Asparagus plants

You can fly to Japan on a one way trip
Enjoy the Caribbean sea breeze
Live Vegas’ eve of New Year
Just tell me your stories dear
And I’ll know its true when you say
You belong to me…

You belong to me.